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The Settlers of Catan vs Carcassonne

Before I begin, I would like to say one thing, THE SIMPSONS NEWS Hasn’t failed yet, every time I’m ready to go home, I’m given a scene that has to be done right away. I’ve been coming in at 6:00 am everyday for the last week or so (to avoid traffic). This means that I […]

Universal Studios Simpsons ride

THE SIMPSONS NEWS Okay so, it turns out that I got laid off the Simpsons show but I’m still not out of a job just yet. Wednesday, the day after I got laid off, I went back to work because I got put on the Simpsons’ Universal Studios Ride. As it happens, the Simpsons’ writers […]

Writer’s strike got me! Decorating trees, Board gaming comments

THE SIMPSONS NEWS The writer’s strike, strikes again! On Tuesday we found out that an entire crew was sent off into the limbo that is hiatus. That is to say, they got laid off that day. Director Bob Anderson didn’t have any more work to give them and they had finished all they could. So […]

Do you think board games are just for kids?

THE SIMPSONS NEWS So, some of us are really starting to feel the effects of the strike. I, thankfully, am not. At least not yet. I was talking to a fellow co-worker and he told me that the crew he’s on has been told to take their time on their scenes. Once they are done […]