The Simpsons goes digital…again. Munchkin stories. Star Wars stars dance.



So I was called from the show last week and was told that I needed to clean out my desk. No, it’s not what you think. I have to move all my stuff from my old desk to a new one. While working on the movie, many of us, (myself included) worked at the Fox Studio Lot and drew directly into computers in order to get the story reels done faster. The producers suddenly realized that we might want to do something similar on the TV show. It seems that the time is now. Some artists, like myself, who have experience using Cintiqs, have been asked to do the work we usually do on paper, in a digital format. If successful, I think the entire show may very well go digital, either by the end of this season or by next season.


The library by our house has kid shows. This Saturday was the first. My cousin, who is also Munchkins Godmother, suggested that we take her to one. Alesha and I thought it was a good idea so we went. It was balloon show. There was a guy on stage making jokes and balloon animals. We thought she would be into it because she loves balloons.

It turned out that she got really into it…for about five minutes, then she just wanted to run around and play. For the rest of the hour we were there, she just played around while Alesha and I watched the show. It was fun. Too bad Munchkin missed it.

In other Munchkin news…

So Munchkin tends to watch a bit of TV. Mostly educational shows like Sesame Street, Word World, Dora the Explorer…things like that. Because of this, she can now sorta count to twenty in English, count to ten in Spanish, and she can even tell you the names of all the letters in the alphabet when she sees them individually (but only the capital letters). She also often surprises me with new phrases she picks up.

Well, a couple of days ago, Munchkin and I were going through her bedtime routine. We went upstairs to the kids bathroom, brushed her teeth and then I sat her on the pottie (where she doesn’t really do anything but sit, talk and play, but that’s okay because we are just getting her used to the toilet.) In any case, she was sitting there and we happen to have a large toy flower by the pottie and she wanted it so I gave it to her. She then began to smell it, because she knows that that’s one of the things that you do with flowers. Then she surprised me by suddenly exclaiming passionately:


It was really cute. At first, I thought she had just come up with that on her own, but later I found out she got that phrase from watching a show on Nick Jr. called Yo Gabba Gabba. Still, as my wife said, it’s great that she knew how to apply that phrase.


Okay, so I was reading one of my favorite blogs. Maria Johnson’s blog (which I highly recommend) and she had posted up a video that was so great, I wanted to put it up on my blog as well. Behold the wonder that is The Dance off with Star Wars stars:


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