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Religious Simpson’s show. Munchkin and Dante are Spirited Away. Free tabletop Role playing games. Qwirkle goes mainstream

THE SIMPSONS NEWS Finished up my work with the last crew and started up on a new one. Religion is the theme of this show. Surprisingly not very  insulting.  I’ve seen a show this season that does have a very anti Christian joke in it (actually making fun of Jesus. I hope they cut that […]

Hurray for overtime. Reading through Alesha’s story. Raul, superstar. Green Lantern: First Flight

THE SIMPSONS NEWS This is the second time I’m writing this since I lost my original version somehow.  I have to make sure to make a back up. This post is the MUCH ABRIDGED version of the original. I’ve gotten permission to do overtime at work.  This is good since I need the money.  It’s […]

Our fifth wedding anniversary, Munchkin’s Birthday. Rosaries and Deaths in the family. Raul’s new blog and podcast

THE SIMPSONS NEWS Not much to tell. Just plugging away at the scenes I need to finish. FAMILY This weekend was a very eventful one.  It began Friday. Alesha and I celebrated five years of marriage.  Well…we technically didn’t celebrate it until Saturday.  We gave each other presents on Friday.  I got her some “hair […]

Paul and Comic Con. Played Tichu with my parents. Munchkin’s reaction to my cartoons. RpgGeek is up

THE SIMPSONS NEWS I was taken off the crew I was on and put on yet another crew.  I was told at lunch about it Tuesday.  I don’t really mind though. Especially since the scenes I’m working on involve BOARD GAMES. Woo Hoo! In other news…Paul finally got his sketchbook out: Most of the people […]