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Flat Tires on deadline day. Trip to Disneyland Part 2

THE SIMPSONS NEWS Tuesday was  our big deadline for the show we were currently working on.  I had been assigned two more scene midday Monday that I had not gotten a chance to start. I had till Tuesday to finish but they really wanted it done by, at least noon.  It was doable so I […]

Alesha’s birthday. Trip to Disneyland Part 1. Chance’s videos and blog. Pathfinder rules, for FREE

THE SIMPSONS NEWS A much easier week this week than last weeks. It helps that I don’t have to stay late.  That really wore me out last week.  Been getting a lot of work done lately and I’m feeling good about it. FAMILY Sept 11th was Alesha’s birthday. She was a little concerned about what […]

A trip to Disneyland: Part 0. Dungeons and Dragons Podcast. Free D&D clones

THE SIMPSONS NEWS Since I had to make up the hours from our little trip to Disneyland (see below) on Tuesday, I had to work late this week.  It was especially difficult because, since it was Labor Day on Monday, I only had three weekdays to use to make up the work.  It was even […]

Finishing up on a crew. Board gaming with Munchkin. Eduardito’s birthday

THE SIMPSONS NEWS Chaotic work week. Alesha started work so we started out carpooling together. Do to the crazy amount of last minute work I need to get done, that soon changed. I had to get all my work on one crew done by Tuesday because I started on a new crew on Wednesday.  I […]