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Monday was a bit problematic this week. I hadn’t realized that daycare was closed and I ended up getting stuck with the kids. I couldn’t take them home because daycare is half way between my house and work.  It had taken me about an  hour to drive there and I was running late.  I took the kids to work with me after calling my wife. She agreed to pick the kids up. I fed them when we got to my job and they played while I attempted to work.  They were very good and I got more work done than I thought I would.

I’m still working on the Halloween show this week. This is our last week on it and things are really hectic.  The rewrite was heavy in two of the Acts and it’s all we can do to get it all fixed up on time.  As of the time of this writing, we have two days to start and finish the last Act that needs revisions.

Looking up some reference on the internet for the show, I came across the drawing below.  It was a drawing I did, for a calendar I drew some art in a few years ago.


Yet another “Gamification” video. I’m fascinated by the idea. It also bothers me a bit because it’s such a manipulative tool. On the one hand, it’s okay when it’s in a game, but I’m not sure I would like it in EVERYTHING. On the other hand, it can potentially make mundane things fun to do.

Still trying to figure out a good way to use it with art.


Alright it’s time for the fight. I’m going to try to plan as much of this fight as I can at this stage. If after I’m done with these next three scenes, if I don’t think there’s enough stuff physically going on, I’ll probably add more.  I might also add or adjust the fighting at the story boarding stage as well.

Scene 4 (Knowledge/Perception)

  • Rob is shocked by the betrayal. He attempts to convince the Lead Sorcerer to stop by attempting to call up some sort of evidence that he is telling the truth. The Sorcerer stubbornly refuses, he doesn’t trust any of his evidence.

Outdoor Shopping Area – Day continued

Rob feels the fireball before he sees it. With one swift motion he grabs his hot dog plate and jumps out of the way as the fireballs smashes into the metal chair he was using and melts it.


Rob complains loudly about The betrayal. The Other Male Sorcerer fires again. Rob dodges it.  The female Sorcerers delightfully joins in by throwing sharp shards of ice at Rob.  The Lead Sorcerer is furious at the other two for having him break his word. But what is done is done. This was going to happen anyway.  He will need to deal with the other two later.  For now, he has a world to save he begins summoning power for a spell.

Rob reprimands himself. He should have known better. He protects his food as he dodges the fire and ice.  He calls out to the Lead Sorcerer, telling him that this is the sort of thing that always happens. That it is the Sorcerers that attack him and he just defends himself. He points out that he didn’t start this and he that he even left himself defenseless.

The Lead Sorcerer, eyes glowing with power, turns to Rob and says, this proves nothing.


I have to admit, this is pretty intimidating. I’ve never written action before. I read the description of the scene and I had no idea what I should write.  It seemed as if I should have written more than I ended up writing.

There were two problems I encountered in trying to write the scene. The first one was, I wasn’t sure what I meant by:

“He attempts to convince the Lead Sorcerer to stop by attempting to call up some sort of evidence that he is telling the truth.”

I thought to myself, ‘What does he do? Reach into his backpack and take out pictures of the other times this has happened?’ In the end, I think what I came up with was simple enough.

The second problem I had was coming up with a reason for the Lead Sorcerer to attack Rob.  It wasn’t his intention for the fight to start so dishonorably, so I thought he might not fight at all. This would mess up the story and take it in a different direction.  A direction I didn’t want to go. I then realized he was planning to fight Rob anyway.  Rob is still the bad guy to him and that trumps everything. Problem solved.

This scene was the most difficult one to write so far. Hopefully the next one won’t be so bad.

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