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6 Secret Awesome Things Nerds Know About Playing Tabletop Role Playing Games That You Don’t.

ROLE PLAYING GAMES – 6 Secret Awesome Things Nerds Know About Playing Tabletop Role Playing Games That You Don’t. If you don’t know anything about Tabletop Role Playing games (TRPGs), you’re missing out.  You may or may not be familiar with Role Playing Video Games, but even if your are, TRPGs are actually quite different.  In […]

My Hiatus is coming, should I accept commissions? Ambrose turns two. Role playing with my kids. Worked on my project.

THE SIMPSONS NEWS On Monday I was told that I would be going on hiatus at the end of the week.  Not good news since we haven’t gotten our tax refund yet and I had to pay property tax earlier this month.  We’re not doing well financially. Lucky for me, something came up on the […]

Working on show 22 last show of the season. Roleplaying plans for my kids.

THE SIMPSONS NEWS Show 22 is the last show of this season and it has a MAJOR rewrite.  This is both good and bad.  It’s bad because it leaves me with a lot of work to do. It’s good because I’ve been given as much time as I need to do it.  Since I might […]

Moving on the another show soon. The kids get shipwrecked in a game. Act 2 breakdown.

THE SIMPSONS NEWS Early this week I got a note telling me I start doing story reel work on Show 19 beginning Wednesday.  It was very unexpected since I still needed to finish off the scenes I was given for show 20. I did manage to rush and finish it, only to find out that […]

Baby Ambrose got sick. Free game mastering book. Breaking down Act 1 scenes.

THE SIMPSONS NEWS Last week was my first week doing story reel work and I didn’t really get a lot done. Mostly because I had to stay home to take care of baby Ambrose who got sick.  This week has been really hectic for me because now I have to work hard to catch up […]

Tio Carlos memorial. My kids role-playing. Scene breakdown.

THE SIMPSONS NEWS Interesting week this week. I was taken off of Storyboarding because there was nothing to revise.  I was on Show 17 last week but there doesn’t seem to be a Show 18 or 19. Show 20 has just been storyboarded and now it’s going into the story reel process. Since that was […]

The Seven Impossible Tasks concluded. Christianity and Sci-fi. Robot Chicken Writers play D&D.

THE SIMPSONS NEWS Having fun drawing my scenes so far.  Nothing fancy or crazy to report.  Thing are back to normal at work. ART For Part 1, CLICK HERE. For Part 2, CLICK HERE. For Part 3, CLICK HERE. …and that’s IT.  That’s all I wrote.  There isn’t anymore.  It took, off and on, about […]

Yet another new crew. Trip to Disneyland Part 4. Spirit of the Century rpg, FREE.

THE SIMPSONS NEWS Started up on a new crew with yet another new director.  Well, an old director who is new and unfamiliar with the new process (for info on the new way we are creating shows now, please read the Simpsons post on this older article I put up).   Whenever we end up […]

Hectic work week. Trip to Disneyland Part 3. Free Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition

THE SIMPSONS NEWS Had a lite but hectic couple of days. Miss out on a few days of work because Alesha got really sick.  She felt so back Wednesday night of last week that she asked me to take her to the hospital.  This was late at night and we ended up staying up real […]

Alesha’s birthday. Trip to Disneyland Part 1. Chance’s videos and blog. Pathfinder rules, for FREE

THE SIMPSONS NEWS A much easier week this week than last weeks. It helps that I don’t have to stay late.  That really wore me out last week.  Been getting a lot of work done lately and I’m feeling good about it. FAMILY Sept 11th was Alesha’s birthday. She was a little concerned about what […]