Corner Booth #14: Interview With Swinton Scott

November 23, 2017 in VIDEOS

VIDEO – Corner Booth #14: Interview With Swinton Scott

I’ve been sitting on a lot of Corner Booth podcast interviews.  The Corner Booth Podcast is a podcast that’s been on a long hiatus that I’m a part of.

The reason we stopped doing it is because of the amount of work involved editing the shows.  No one really wanted to do it.  Or rather, two of us had a tough time doing it on top of all the other things we where doing. While one of us didn’t really know how to do it at all (or so he claims).

It suddenly occurred to me that I could edit the shows and release them here, as long as I do a special version with an introduction.  Then I can upload a normal Corner Booth version on the corner booth channel and website as well as iTunes.

That way I can release unique content while also getting the Corner Booth content out there too. Everyone wins.

So here’s the Interview with Swinton with an special intro:

Links Mentioned in the Video

Swinton’s Youtube:

Swinton’s Website:

Larry’s Site:

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