Disney’s Frozen, Review

April 24, 2014 in ANIMATION

ANIMATION – Disney’s Frozen, Review

Disney's Frozen, Review 2I finally got around to writing my thoughts on the movie Frozen (affiliate link).  Yes, I know I’m late to the party. Princess movies just aren’t  a priority for me.  I’m not the target audience.

Watched the movie a few times this weekend with my eight year old daughter. We have big arguments about animated movies and shows all the time.  It’s fun.

After watching the movie, I have to say that I enjoyed it.  I even liked Olaf, who I didn’t think I would like.

So I decided to just brake down my thoughts on the movie into two list of Pros and Cons.  I’ll start with the Cons since I want to finish on a positive note.

Just remember that these are just my personal taste in movies and has nothing to do with the quality of the film making.

I really did enjoy the movie. So, here we go…

The Cons

Male Supporting Characters Are Forgettable

Disney's Frozen, Review (1)Most  Disney Princess movie have VERY forgettable male supporting characters/love interests. And if they aren’t forgettable, they are portrayed as idiots.  I think the exception to the rule is Beauty and the Beast, and perhaps Prince Phillip in Sleeping Beauty (but only because he fought a dragon).   I would have said, Aladdin, but that’s not a princess movie. And Jasmine is a very interesting supporting female character anyway.

Generally, there’s nothing really all that interesting about them.  They’re just there to be the love interest.

Male villains are usually much more interesting and memorable.

Frozen is no exception.  The male supporting character (s) was/where really dull.  The male villain, was interesting though.

The Princess’ Designs

Disney's Frozen, Review (2)I hate to say it but the design of both Princess’ reminded me of Rapunzel.  They could have ALL been sisters.

Compare their designs to Merida from Brave, who had a very unique look to her.

I’m being picky here, because this is a Disney movie It’s not that they weren’t appealing characters but Disney has some of the best artists working for them.  They could have done something a little more unique.

It’s a Musical

Yeah, the songs are nice. I liked them, but I’d rather not watch an animated musical anymore.

I know I’m in the minority here.  This is just my personal opinion.  It bugs me when characters just spontaneously brake into Disney music videos. Especially when it interrupts the flow of the story and doesn’t further the plot.

This occurs one too many times in Frozen.

The Pros

Plays Against Formula

My biggest gripe again most Disney princess movies is the “Disney formula,”  their stories tend to fall into.  Frozen plays against this formula beautifully.  It leads you to believe you’re going to get the same story as always, only to veer off it just enough to make it completely new and unexpected.

I think there’s a reason why this movie has gotten so many great reviews and it’s really this.  It only goes to show how tired everyone was of the same old movie and getting something just a little different really made this movie great.

Great Film For Girls/Young Women

This movie is a great female friendly movie.  It’s a nice family movie too, but it’s more geared for females than any other audience.

The women are strong, independent, smart, fun, funny, attractive and driven.  They’re great role models.

Also, there’s that “freedom” scene.  You know what I mean, the “I’m and independent woman, let it go song”  It reminds me of my sister.

It’s the highlight of the movie and I’m sure, within the context of the movie, it resonates, with a lot of young women.

Great Message About Love (Agape)

Disneys Frozen ReviewIt’s go a great message about Love.  Not necessarily about romantic love, and not even about filial love, but about, what Catholics commonly referrer to as Charity or Agape.

In other words, self-less love.

It’s a great lesson.  It’s spelled out very well and very clearly.  In fact, ti’s almost annoying because there are a few moments of selfless love in the movie that don’t seem to do that “trick” that would fix the problem or isn’t acknowledged.

They don’t make sense to me but, I guess it would have been less climatic is they did the trick so…I guess it’s okay?

Final Thoughts

Overall the movie was great.  I really enjoyed it.  It’s one of the better animated Disney movies to come out in a while.

It’s worth watching if you haven’t already.  Although, I doubt that anyone wanting to see this hasn’t already.

What do you think? Agree disagree? Leave a comment below.