Drawing What You Want Rather Than What You End Up With

November 23, 2016 in ART, VIDEOS

ART/VIDEO – Drawing What You Want Rather Than What You End Up With

drawing-what-you-want-rather-than-what-you-end-up-withYou have a image in your mind that you wish to draw.  You sit down and begin drawing it.  When you’re done, it looks nothing like the image in your mind.

Has this happened to you?  Quite honestly, I think it happens to just about everyone.

It certainly happened to this person who asked me a question about it.  Here’s what he asked:

Hey Luis! Firstly, this website is amazing! The lessons are entertaining and fun to do, and I’m learning so much from this. Thank you so much for making these lessons.

I have one little question, which is a little weird because my characters have some sort of random life of their own. I have an idea in mind, then start drawing it out, but then I suddenly start drawing something completely different from my original plan. Don’t get me wrong, they turn out to be alright, but I’m having trouble drawing from the imagination (which I know a lot of people have problems with) and getting the character I want. Do you have any tips or advice about this?

Sorry, I’m not sure if I’ve explained it very well, but thanks again for your amazing work!
The video below has my answer to this question:

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