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“What Simpsons party did you get invited to?” People kept asking me that question Wednesday. Apparently there are two parties for the Simpsons Movie crew, one on Monday and one on Tuesday. I think one is a ‘Wrap’ party and the other is a ‘Premier’ party. In each one, The Movie will be shown, but we’re under the impression that each party will be a little different. Everyone who worked on The Movie is invited to the Monday party but only a certain group of people are invited to the Tuesday one. The exclusivity of the Tuesday party has made everyone think that it’s probably the fancy party. Some people are a little upset and wonder why they weren’t invited. I happen to be one of the people who got invited to the Tuesday party (Yay!). Mostly because I was working at the Fox lot for three months, working on storyboard and story reel revisions. (Ask me about that if you wish to know more about it). It will be interesting to know what the differences in the parties will be. What is this mysterious Tuesday party gonna be like? Is it a movie premier party? I’ll let you know after I come back from it.


Hi, welcome to my blog! I’m an artist working on The Simpsons TV show and (as you can tell from what I wrote above) I worked on the upcoming Simpsons Movie. I’ve started this blog in order to, hopefully, make a little extra cash, talk about the things I like, and eventually get you interested in the webcomic I’ll be putting up soon. I’m also curious to know how many of you are interested in The Simpsons Movie and show. If you want to ask me about the show or the movie and want to hear any anecdotes about what it’s like to work on them, go ahead and ask. I’ll answer your question the best I can. The exception will be if you ask me a question that puts my job in danger.

I plan to put up an entry once a week, but for the next few days I might be putting one up more then once a week just to have something for you to read. I’m also gonna be writing about other things I’m interested in as well. I’m really hoping that you will be interested in those things too (Simpsons talk might get old quick). Things like Comics and sci fi shows and books, movies, boardgames, podcasts…stuff like that.


I’m very happy to have my blog up. I didn’t know anything about setting up websites and I just kinda jumped right in and actually put one up. I got inspiration and encouragement from lots of different places. My sister most of all. Her site is: She’s a yoga instructor. Thank you Li! I’d like to thank her friend Victor too, for even considering helping someone he didn’t even know (he has a podcast called “Typical Mac User” It’s at: I’d like to thank my friend Aimee (who works on Futurama) for telling me how she does her website. Her site is: This sounds really silly to be thanking people for just a website, but I’m really proud of myself for having done it. I really didn’t know what the heck I was doing and now I have a blog I put up all by myself using a server and everything. Hurray! I really hope I have the time to put up a post once a week, since I’m also planning to draw in every post, it’s going to be a bit harder than it should be. I’m going to be drawing with a Wacom tablet directly into the computer so if the drawings are less than perfect please forgive me. I’m treating this as training for my webcomic so I’m going to be experimenting a bit. The style I’ll be using will be my short hand goofy rough drawing style.

If you notice that the site changes a lot, it’s because I’m not 100% satisfied with it and I’m still trying to find just the right look.


I went into my “friendly local game store” last weekend in order to pick up a gift for a niece who was having a birthday party. I LOVE board games! I ain’t talking Monopoly here either (I kinda hate Monopoly). I’m talking about the new ones that have been coming out lately. What some people call “Designer Games”, and other people call “Modern Board games” while still others call them “Euro Games” (because most of them come from Europe or use mechanics that originated there).

Well, as I was saying, I was at the board game store and as I was walking out I saw a game I really wanted to get called “Cash and Guns”. The thing is that this month is the San Diego Comic Con and since I’m on a budget because we are buying a house, I can only spend a certain amount every month and I’m saving it to spend at Comic Con. I sooooo wanted to get the game though. It sounds like so much fun! I haven’t got time to explain it here but if you want to know more, go to one of my favorite sites: and read a review of the game. Just type in the name on the search engine. Maybe I’ll get the game in a couple of months. Thing about getting these games is that I don’t get to play them very often (mostly because no one wants to play them with me). This makes me very sad.

Me drooling over cash and guns


So, besides listening to “The Daily Breakfast” and “Rosary Army” I’ve actually been listening to web comic podcasts (I usually listen to board game podcasts as well). Since I’m planning on putting up a web comic of my own, I thought I’d find out what other people do with theirs. I found a podcast called “The Blank Label Comics Podcast”. OH MY GOSH is it funny. It was all I could do not to burst out laughing in my cubicle at work. I recommend it even if you don’t care about web comics just because of how funny the hosts are.

That’s all for now. See ya soon.


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