Get your Drawings to be More Consistent: How to Practice

June 16, 2016 in ART, VIDEOS

ART/VIDEO – Get your Drawings to be More Consistent: How to Practice

Get your Drawings to be More Consistent How to PracticeHow the blazes do you practice drawing?! We’re often told that the best way to get good at something is to practice.  We’re also told that if you want to get good at drawing you have to draw.  But over the years I’ve found that isn’t enough.

If you simply draw, you may get better at drawing but you may also get better at drawing poorly.  If you don’t draw well, you may end up creating bad drawing habits that may cause your art not to improve.

So how do you go about NOT doing that?  How do you go making sure you’re creating good drawing habits that will help you get better?  This is what I talk about in this video below:



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