Handy Figure Drawing Tips and Book Recommendations

July 14, 2016 in ART, VIDEOS

ART/VIDEOS – Handy Figure Drawing Tips and Book Recommendations

Handy figure drawing tips and book recommendationsStudying figure drawing is a big deal. Being good at it really helps you grow as a artist.  It’s one of the most difficult things you can do as an artist because it forces you to use every drawing principle you can possibly know.

From perspective to gesture.  From observational drawing to imaginative drawing.  From anatomy to shading.  From spacial relationships to storytelling.

Everything that you can know about drawing is all rolled up into this one skill.

In this video I talk about some good ways you can study figure drawing and some great books you can learn from.  The affiliate links to the books I talk about are in the links below:

Links and Books Mentioned in the Video

Practice Perfect by by Doug Lemov, Erica Woolway, Katie Yezzi

Bridgman’s Complete Guide to Drawing from Life by George Bridgman

Figure Drawing: Design and Invention Perfect by Michael Hampton

Figure Drawing for Artists: Making Every Mark Count by Steve Huston

Huston video:


My video on Practice and consistency:


My Video on basic nose construction:


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