Learning Moho Pro 12: Tutorial 1.1 A Quick Run-Through

December 14, 2017 in ANIMATION, VIDEOS

VIDEO/ANIMATION – Learning Moho Pro 12: Tutorial 1.1 A Quick Run-Through

I’ve picked up a copy of Moho Pro 12. I have absolutely have no idea how to use it at all.

I’ve got so many other things I have to do, like make how to draw Youtube videos that I had no idea when I would have the time to learn the program.

Well…the animation program and learning to draw are complementary subjects, so I thought I’d teach myself the program using the tutorial that comes with the program and record my progress.

This video serves three purposes:

  1. Helps me learn the program,
  2. Helps YOU learn the program,
  3. Show’s you what the program is all about.

So join me as we learn to use Moho Pro 12.

Program Mentioned On This Video

Buy the program (the links below are affiliate links, thank you for your support):

Moho Pro 12 2D Animation Software

or the less expensive…

Moho Debut 12 2D Animation Software 

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