Learning Moho Pro 12: Tutorial 1.4 Bone Setup

January 4, 2018 in ANIMATION, VIDEOS

ANIMATION/VIDEOS – Learning Moho Pro 12: Tutorial 1.4 Bone Setup

The unique thing about most modern animation programs like Moho Pro 12 is their ability to “rig” a drawing for animation.  By “rig” I mean, you attach bones to your drawing so that you can warp and move your drawing.  This way, you don’t have to redraw as much as you would traditionally.

In this week’s video I learn the Moho Pro 12 process of adding bones to a character so that it can be animated.  It’s really very simple…at least in theory.  Once you need to get into a more complicated rig, things get a bit more involved.  Fortunately, I don’t deal with any of that in this video.

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