Learning Moho Pro 12 Tutorial 1.5 Animation

January 25, 2018 in ANIMATION, VIDEOS

ANIMATION/VIDEOS – Learning Moho Pro 12 Tutorial 1.5 Animation

This is the last of the tutorials. It’s on using Moho to actually animate.

Man, did I struggle with this one.  There’s some animating clouds which is another way of animating vector points while they move across the screen.

Then there’s animating the rigged character so he jumps up and down.  I’m used to animating everything by hand and moving characters with bones, isn’t as easy as I would like.

It should be but it isn’t.  I need to get used to it.  In any case, I make it through the last part of the tutorial and I’m ready to try tackling more.

When I do another video of this kind, I’ll probably be working on more advanced things.

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