Reusing Your Own Drawings In Your Art

December 8, 2016 in ART, VIDEOS

ART/VIDEOS – Reusing Your Own Drawings In Your Art

reusing-your-own-drawings-in-your-artReusing your own art is something that may or may not have occurred to you.  Perhaps you’ve drawn something so well that you think it would be to hard to redraw so you trace it all the time.

Or perhaps you think that doing something like that is cheating and a “real” artist wouldn’t stoop so low as to do something like this.

The point is, is it okay either way? Is is true that pros do or don’t reuse their own art?

This week, I’m answering a question that doesn’t directly ask this question but leads me to talk about this stuff, anyway.  Here’s what was asked:

“Luis you’ve given a good read here, it’s a lot more fun to read your lessons then some of the “vanilla” stuff elsewhere.

What I’d want from learning is a style quite familiar to anime/manga, so I imagine that’s a bit less then a true master (which would of course be level Da Vinci) my question is more of a statement, to the trained eye, how often does an anime/manga artist reuse lines and features for all their characters? just curious, it may affect my outlook when I’m at the stage to create my own”

And here’s my answer:

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