Starting a Drawing: Stick Figure or Shapes?

October 13, 2016 in ART, VIDEOS

ART/VIDEO – Starting a Drawing: Stick Figure or Shapes?

Starting a drawing of a figure can be tricky.  Especially when you’re starting out. We often get conflicting information about what to do when we start drawing a figure or cartoon.

This week, one of my readers asked me a question concerning methods of approach drawing a figure. Here’s what he asked:

I have a question. After I started reading your lessons I have really gotten into drawing. I am really happy with the progress I have made. (though I do get impatient with myself) And I had a question.

For awhile I have been using a layer method where I start with a stick figure kind of deal then kind of draw over that adding more detail with each layer. But lately I found I am not getting great results. So I tried a more free drawing style. (Using a circle to draw a head around then working the body off of there. And I was wondering if you know if that is normal.

I mean I still layer details but I just don’t know if stick (or skeletal) base works for me. Do you think it may be easier to do it that way? (Sorry if my question is so long >.< I am just trying to work with my brain)

Alright, so answering this question is what this video is all about:

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