Top 10 Favorite Animated Movies of All Time

March 20, 2014 in ANIMATION

ANIMATION – Top 10 Favorite Animated Movies of All Time

Top 10 Favorite Animated Movies of All Time

I sat down to make my list of my favorite animated movies of all time.  I opened the list to, not only theatrically released American films, but also direct to DVD movies from all over the world.

Granted, I haven’t see everything and the list can and will most certainly change in a year or so. That said, I was a bit shocked with the list I put down.

There aren’t any Disney films in it.  Well one is technically a Disney film but I consider it a Pixar movie more than Disney.  Otherwise, none of the movies that inspired me to get into the industry to begin with made the list.

Has the animation industry really surpassed or outdone the classics or has my taste in animated movies changed that much?

My choices for these movies had nothing to do with the quality of the animation.  That would have produced a completely different list.

This list was based on how much I enjoy watching these movies over and over. What type of movies I gravitate to more and want to spend time immersed in.

So let’s start:

10. How to Train Your Dragon

This is the type of movie I really enjoy.  Funny, exciting, imaginative, unconventional and full of action. This is fantasy done right. Actually I think I I should have put this movie on my list of Top 10 Animated Fantasy movies.  DOH!

Anyway, I love the characters, the story, the designs.  It’s so much fun to watch.

I like the universe of this movie as a whole.  More action adventure movies of this type should be made in America.


9. Rango

Oh my gosh RANGO! A western “furries” starring a very odd chameleon.  This movie is brilliant.  I can’t say I like the character designs in this movie, but at the same time, it’s one of the qualities of the movie that makes is so interesting.

The fact that it’s a full blown western is mind blowing.  It’s so odd, so unique, and so interesting. A very unexpected movie and I just love it.  Rango.

8. Brendan and the Secret of Kells

I wrote a whole post just on Secret of Kells.  This is the best movie about an illuminated version of the Gospels ever made.  On top of that, the design of  the characters are based off of medieval illuminated art and Eastern Orthodox Iconography.

It’s eye candy.  The story about a little monk wanting to be an artist is compelling.

Did I mention it’s about Catholic Monks, and it’s a positive representation of said monks? And it treats their faith as something normal? It’s refreshing.

It’s also very dramatic, scary and magical.  A must see.

7. Coraline – Collector’s Edition

I’ve devoted a whole blog post to this movie as well.

A fantastic fairytale about a girl going to another world.  Great animation, great character designs, and really scary.

The story was based off of a short story by Neil Gaiman and it’s very solid.

Quirky, funny, scary and exciting.  They don’t often make animated  movies like this.

6. Kung Fu Panda 1 and 2

I love Kung Fu.  I like watching Kung Fu movies. Then suddenly there’s this fantastic animated movie series featuring Kung Fu? I’m in.

Yes, yes, yes, more movies like these please. Fighting movies! Action movies! Yes.  Why doesn’t the animation industry have more of this kind of stuff?  What is wrong with us?

These movies are so good. So fun to watch.

I know I’m cheating putting two movies here but, hey, they kinda feel like one big story.

5. Spirited Away

Miyazaki, is a genius.  Spirited Away is a brilliant Fairytale in the same vain as Coraline only, it’s somehow just a tad deeper.

I don’t know why I like this movie so much.  I don’t know what resonated with me about it but I really like it.

A girl growing  in confidence and maturity under extremely fantastical circumstances full of magic and mystery.  It’s great. If you haven’t watched it, you own it to yourself to do so.

4. Kiki’s Delivery Service

Yes, this on the list.  I debated putting it here.  I haven’t watched this movie in ages., but every time  I think about it I can’t help but smile.  This is the movie about being an artist.

This is the movie where Miyazaki talks to the audience about what is is to be creative. He does so completely and totally in an indirect way.

Perhaps that’s why I continue to think about this movie.  It’s also quiet, contemplative and interestingly paced.  If “feels” so real. I love it. Kiki’s Delivery service.

3. The Incredibles

One of the best family movies ever made. One of the best superhero movies ever made.  This movie really hits home.

The characters are so true and believable.  They feel like a real family, and at the same time, they’re so fantastical. After all, they’re all have superpowers.

Action, adventure, comedy and heart, this movie really has it all.  Including, great character designs.

Such a fantastic movie, The Incredibles.

2. Batman: Under the Red Hood

This is where this list goes off it’s rocker and gets completely unconventional.  This is a straight to DVD movie! What’s it doing higher on the list than The Incredibles?

Warner Brothers animation are the only studio producing these kind of movies at this caliber of quality. Marvel has yet to catch up.

I think this Batman movie is better written than any of it’s live action counter parts.

Sure, the quality of the animation isn’t the best.  This isn’t full animation but the designs and draftsmanship on the characters is amazing.  Also the story is mind blowingly intense.  This is a very dramatic movie.

The story is so good.  The characters really get put through the ringer here.  A must watch for any superhero fan and any Batman fan.

This movie is not for kids.  My kids have yet to watch it. It’s PG13 for a reason.

Great movie. You gotta watch it.

1. All-Star Superman

Yup, a made for DVD movie made my number one.  Again, the animation in itself isn’t the draw here.  The character designs aren’t even all the great.  They’re okay but not the best. I’ve seen better Warner animated movie designs, although, just like Batman: Under the Red Hood, the quality of the art is amazing.

So why is it my number one?

One, because I LOVE Superman and I’m a Superman nut, but…

Two, because the story is so mythic.  This is the story about the last days of Superman, based on the comic series by Grant Morrison. This is what Superman does when he finds out he’s terminally ill, is going to die and there’s nothing he can do about it.

This movie is a love letter to the history of Superman as a character.  Just like almost every movie on this list, this movie is full of action, but it’s more than that.

It’s what Superhero stories are best at, morality plays. This is Superman at his most iconic. Perhaps it’s what people wanted from the live action movie Man of Steel.

This movie doesn’t explain itself.  It doesn’t explain Superman, it doesn’t explain the history of the antagonists who he fights, it doesn’t dwell on explaining the universe it takes place in.  It just goes and trusts the audience will let go, be child like, enjoy the fantasy and immerse themselves in the mythic nature of the movie.

The best Superhero movie of all time, and I think it’s the best animated movie of all time.  All Star Superman.  Watch it.

Am I Crazy?

What’s you favorite movie of all time?  I shared mine.  Would you put a direct to DVD movie at the top of your list?  Somehow I doubt it.

Sound off on the comments below and let me know what you think.