Top Ten Dreamworks Animated Movies.

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ANIMATION/MOVIES – Top Ten Dreamworks Animated Movies

Top Ten Dreamworks Animated MoviesAs lousy with bad sequels and spin offs as Dreamworks is, they’re also the studio, I think, is taking the most risks.

What do I mean by this?  Well, they dare to make action adventure movies, catering a tad more to the male audience, than any other American Animation studios.

Yes this means that their movies aren’t as successful, considering it’s a demographic very difficult to get to go watch an animated movie, but they try.  For this, I’m grateful, it means there’s an animation studio that makes movies that I will find appealing.

After thinking about it, I decided to make a list of my top ten Dreamworks movies.

Let’s get started.

10. Turbo

I expected less from this movie.  I really didn’t have any desire to watch this movie based on the trailers.    I think it was poorly marketed.

After watching it, I was pleasantly surprised. It was reminiscent of Pixar’s Ratatouille but much less focused. It also veers away from Pixar’s movie enough to make it it’s own movie.

I liked how it had a lot of minority characters in it. That part was great.  I liked how they incorporated the “Fast and the Furious” racing culture in there too.

Had they stuck more with that I think the movie would have been much more successful,. But they added a big snail culture thing at the beginning and made it more about the Indy 500, which didn’t fit with the other stuff.

They tried to cater to too many groups all at once and really failed to nail all of them.  All that said, I still liked the movie for the bits they did get right.

9. Shrek

By far one the ugliest movies Dreamworks produced.  A movie so ugly I wasn’t going to go watch it.  But I got curious, so opening weekend I went to watch it and laughed so hard I almost soiled myself.

This is the movie that put Dreamworks on the map.  It’s first real hit.  So very funny. So unexpected.

The ugliness of the designs ended up not being a big deal compared to how fun this movie was.

It’s difficult now, to remember how refreshingly funny and fun this movie was, now that it has so many sequels. That said, this is still a funny movie.

8. Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Aardmann animation and Dreamworks teamed up to bring us Wallace & Gromit the Curse of the Were-Rabbit.  The second stop motion movie Dreamworks produced. This is Aardman charm at it’s best.

It’s a great parody of a horror movie starting Wallace & Gromit.  It’s so good and darn funny.

The animation and action is top notch. It worth watching over and over.

My kids love it with good reason. This is a great movie.

7. Megamind

Dreamwork’s attempt at a superhero movie.  I really liked this one.  Of course it helps that it’s my favorite genre but I didn’t know if it was going to be any good when I first watched the trailers.

I found myself really enjoying myself. The twists and turns in the movie where fun and it made me laugh.

If I’d liked the designs of the characters a bit more, it may have been higher on my list.

This is a movie I wouldn’t have minded seeing a sequel to.

6. Rise of the Guardians

This is yet another superhero movie.  Only this group of superheroes are Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny, The Sandman and Jack Frost.

The problem is that the audience that they were catering to, which was teenage boys, were’nt going to go watch a movie about Santa even it he DID have swords.

I really liked this movie because it was a superhero movie.  I liked the action and the story was not bad. I also liked the designs of the characters.

This was a fun movie.  I have a feeling adults liked this movie more than the kids who watched it did.  And I doubt enough teenage boys watched it.

5.  The Prince of Egypt

This one could almost be called a masterpiece.  It’s also got a special place in my heart because I went to the Dreamworks studios for the first time around the time it was being developed and I got to see some amazing concept art for it.

The story was great, the animation was fantastic.  The designs were a bit more watered down than the ones I saw but still, they where great.

The art direction is stunning.  The music is not bad.

This movie moved me and it was such a promising start for the studio.  They did something with hand drawn animation that no big studio had done before.  It was a risky movie that paid off.

4. Kung Fu Panda 2

Kung Fu Panda 2 was not as surprising as the first movie but still  had everything the first one had.  This made it very good.  It’s the only movie on this list that is a sequel.

I liked this movie quite  a bit.  It was fun, funny and action packed.

It gave me exactly what I wanted and I left happy. I wouldn’t mind seeing yet another one of these.

3. The Croods

Wow did this one come out of nowhere.  I didn’t expect anything from this movie going in.  It was about a bunch of cavemen leaving their cave, big deal.

By the time the credits where rolling I was wiping tears from my eyes.  What happened?!  This movie was great.

I laughed, I cried, I empathized.  It was really good.

I liked the designs, the characters, the story…wow. So good, and so unexpected.  This movie is so worth watching.

It’s a great family movie.

2. How to Train Your Dragon

Oh man, definitely one of my favorite movies.  I loved the dragons, I loved the journey the characters take.  I like the setting the characters designs, the action.

Everything about this movie is really fun. If only more animated movies where like this.

Hands down one of my favorite Dreamworks movies.


1. Kung Fu Panda

It should come as no surprise considering Kung Fu Panda 2 is my number 4.  I love this movie. So fun, so funny and it’s about Kung Fu.

Great action, great characters, great designs. Very solid story.

It was a brilliant idea very well executed.  I’m glad there was a sequel and I can’t wait to see more.

What About You?

So that’s my list.  What do you think?  What about you? What’s you to ten Dreamworks movies?

Sound off on the comments below.

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