What is Style? Analyzing Humberto Ramos’ Art

September 22, 2016 in ART, VIDEOS

ART/VIDEO – What is Style? Analyzing Humberto Ramos’ Art

what-is-style-analyzing-humberto-ramos-artArtists with great styles you admire can sometimes be a mystery.  What are they doing that makes you love the look of their artwork so much?

K.J. Green, one of my patrons over on Patreon is struggling with this mystery. He wrote me and asked me this:

Love your tutorials!

I’d describe myself as a decent artist (I’ve been grinding for a few years and would say that I developed a strong sense of form and anatomy from Loomis, Bridgman, Hampton, and Proko). Now, I’m getting into stylization and as I’ve been practicing my ability to see how artists shift reality to create their style, my favorite comic artist still stumps me: Humberto Ramos.

He exaggerates every expression and movement so forcefully but his faces and bodies never seem distorted. They, instead, are always aesthetically pleasing. Because I have studied the fundamentals for so long, every time I “break the rules” to stylize and exaggerate, my figures and faces (especially ones with strong expressions) look very boring and/or ugly.

They come out as a series of forms that seem overly constructed and devoid of passion and freedom. Could you perhaps do a break down on Humberto Ramos’s style and his ability to keep WILD expressions pleasing through his simplification of facial features and body parts (even as he breaks every rule in the book)?

Thanks so much and have a good one!

This week’s video answers his question and I also try to show how you can solve the mystery of just about anyone’s style just by knowing what to look for:

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