Making my Illustrated Film.


Welcome to main menu of the making of my illustrated film.  Here you will find links to the steps I’ve taken in making my film.  It is my hope that this documentation of my process will help you learn from my victories and my mistakes, as I have.

I’ve broken down the process in chunks that I thought fit together.  All these parts where posted on the main part of this blog over a period of  a year or so (so far).  I’m still not done. The  process continues, but I thought it would be good to  have all the earlier posts easily accessible instead of looking all over my blog for them.


PARTS 1 & 2: Story concept and outline (How I came up with my story and write out my first outline of what the story should be.) CLICK HERE

PART 3: Finding a style (The approach I took to begin finding the style I wanted to use. ) CLICK HERE.

PARTS 4 – 8:  Designing antagonists (How I approached designing my “urban sorcerers”) CLICK HERE.

PART 9 & 10: Juggling overlapping art decisions (At some point in the process, many art decisions begin to overlap, this is me dealing with it all.) CLICK HERE.

PART 11: Designing environments (Here’s how I approached designing the location my story takes place in) CLICK HERE.

PARTS 12 & 13: Composition & Design principles (I start braking down what I think about when thumbnailing a comp and what I think about when I design.) CLICK HERE.

PART 14 & 15: Why Design from reality (I go into why you need to study the real before you can really do cartoons well) CLICK HERE

PART 16: Adding tone to a thumbnail sketch (Where I design a viper with a human face and do some tonal thumbnail studies) CLICK HERE

PARTS 17 – 20:  From thumbnail to final line (How I approach a final drawing, including some perspective cheats) CLICK HERE

PART 21: Tone, how to add it (Here’s a breakdown on my approach to using tone) CLICK HERE.

PARTS 22 – 25: Finalizing and coloring a concept drawing  (I take my concept drawing a find a final look for it) CLICK HERE

PART 26 – 28: Struggling: Finding the right poses (It’s our lot as artists to struggle.  Watch as I and slowly overcome the difficulties of posing out  my “Motion Test”) CLICK HERE.

PART 29 & 30: Coloring poses (I try to add color to the poses. Experimenting with how “rendered” I should make the final look) CLICK HERE

PART 31: The teaser trailer (The finished teaser and my thoughts on it) CLICK HERE.

PART 32: Story Theory and throughlines (I explain how I use the DRAMATICA theory to break down my story into throughlines) CLICK HERE


More to come…this is not all the posts. They are many. I’ll continue to update these pages when I have the time.

The process continues. To read the latest on my project, simply go to my Home Page and read my latest posts.

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