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Top 10 Favorite Board Games

BOARD GAMES – Top 10 Favorite Board Games There’s more to board games than Monopoly, Risk, and Clue. I’ve played quite a few, and I’m going to talk to about my top ten favorite ones. Now, I haven’t nearly played enough board games and this list is only from the games I have managed to […]

The Six Board Games My 5 and 7 Year Old Ask to Play Most Lately

BOARD GAMES – The Six Board Games My 5 and 7 Year Old Ask to Play Most Lately If you’ve been reading my blog for a few years. you know that I’m a bit of a gamer.  I used to play a ton of video games until I got so burned out on them that […]

Some Character Design Pointers.

ART – Some Character Design Pointers Simpsons Quote: Homer: Astrid said the key to my art is anger, but you know me, I’m Mr. Mellow… [Bart and Lisa look at each other] Homer: …so I’m giving you kids permission to get me mad. Come on, give me what you’ve got. Lisa Simpson: Well, if it’ll […]

Simpsons Studio Artists Worked on the Simpsons Monopoly Game

BOARD GAMES – Simpsons Studio Artists Worked on the Simpsons Monopoly Game Simpsons Quote: Monopoly Guy: There was a bank error in my favor and I’m spending it all on Oriental Avenue prostitutes. I play a lot of board games…well, I used to.  I like playing them but either I don’t have the time to […]

Working on show 22 last show of the season. Roleplaying plans for my kids.

THE SIMPSONS NEWS Show 22 is the last show of this season and it has a MAJOR rewrite.  This is both good and bad.  It’s bad because it leaves me with a lot of work to do. It’s good because I’ve been given as much time as I need to do it.  Since I might […]

Working hard on special project. Played Sorry! Sliders with my kids. 100 Simpsons episode, all at once.

THE SIMPSONS NEWS I’ve been working on the “special project” most of the week.  It was killing me.  I was handed some of THE most complicated scenes in the project.  They were technical nightmares.  To make matters worse, I had to make Quicktime movies of the scenes to show to the director, but the scenes […]

My top 10 iOS board game apps. Revising revisions.

THE SIMPSONS NEWS Slightly less hectic work week this week. I’m trying to finish up both Act 1 and Act 3 this week.  I would have been done with Act 1 last week but Tuesday of this week, we got revisions on the revisions.  I had to go back and adjust what I’d finished.  Turns […]

Famous Authors on the Simpsons. The future of board games? My wife’s apocalyptic blog tour. Thumbnailing my boards on my script.

THE SIMPSONS NEWS Oh boy, tough week this week.  I was running behind on my board since I started it late last week.  On top of that there were some writing changes that the director questioned. The problem was that a line was changed in the dialogue but the scene took place in a different […]

URBAN REGGIE, a new animated cartoon. THE SIMPSONS gets two more seasons. Started working on my cartoon again.

THE SIMPSONS NEWS So last Friday, was a bit tense at work over the whole actors signing to do another season. At least it was for me.  Even though I tried not to think about it, I couldn’t help but be a little anxious about whether or not I’d have the job after this current […]

Tio Carlos memorial. My kids role-playing. Scene breakdown.

THE SIMPSONS NEWS Interesting week this week. I was taken off of Storyboarding because there was nothing to revise.  I was on Show 17 last week but there doesn’t seem to be a Show 18 or 19. Show 20 has just been storyboarded and now it’s going into the story reel process. Since that was […]